Wednesday, April 29, 2015


So, you know how Liz has incorporated her senior project into Camera Obscura? Well, guess what? Our school recently had a showcase of all the senior capstone projects. Not only did Liz win an award for the best education focused project, she also won for best project overall! Out of eight categories featuring roughly 50 projects, ranging from student-designed-and-built flight suits and disadvantaged youth outreach programs to animal training and software development, Liz's work on Camera Obscura was deemed the most impressive not only by her teachers, but by the many peers and community members who attended the ceremony.

Way to go, Liz! We couldn't be more proud. 

Here are a few photos from that night. 

Liz Speaks about her project.

Liz is announced as the winner from her category. Another student, who also did a gamification project, congratulates her.

Liz is announced as the overall winner.

Liz poses with some of our crew members.

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