Monday, April 27, 2015

We're Doing Something Awesome And You Can Watch!

Welcome to this behind-the-scenes look at the process of creating Camera Obscura, a gamified digital photography curriculum based on an original alternate reality game! Our names are Adam and Liz. We do all the things.

This is our crew. Human awesomeness personified:

That picture was from our first major day of shooting on our web series, which was preceeded by months of brain-squeezing, heart-pounding, joy-and-pain-inducing work. Liz was there, but she was behind the camera (her preferred position, in spite of how things are working on this show).

That was a huge milestone, but it's only a part of what we're truly all about. Web series, short story, printed materials, website, mobile app, other shtuff - it's all about improving the classroom for the students at DaVinci Academy of Science and the Arts (the school where Adam teaches and from which Liz is about to graduate) and, hopefully, a lot of other places too. We believe in the power of self-directed, gamified, story-based educational systems to propel todays students through many of the social and emotional barriers they face into the world of life-long learning and success.

We decided to make a project - a huge project - to try it out. That project is called Camera Obscura, and it will be implemented as Adam's new photography curriculum starting next year. This blog is here so you can follow our progress, give us your insights, and maybe get inspired to try out a project of your own.

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